Safeguarding Policy

Our policy statement on safeguarding can be found here.  Our lead person for safeguarding at Riverside Church is Anne Annison.  If you have any Safeguarding concerns please contact her by email at  , or click here to use our contact form.  If urgent please also contact our minister or Senior Leader. Full safeguarding guidelines can be found in our 'Safeguarding Full Guidelines', currently being updated, (click here to download a copy)

Riverside Church, Sleaford: “Protect the Vulnerable”
Working with youth, children and adults at risk


POLICY STATEMENT on the protection of children and adults at risk

As one of its major activities, Riverside Church, Sleaford (“the Church”) seeks to serve the needs of young people, promoting holistic development.  We also regularly work with adults who are at risk by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness. 

In doing so, the Church takes seriously the welfare of all adults at risk, young people and children who come onto its premises or who are involved in its activities. 

The Church aims to ensure that they are welcomed into a safe, caring, Christian environment with a happy and friendly atmosphere. 

The Church recognises that it is the responsibility of each one of its staff, paid and unpaid, to prevent all forms of abuse including the neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of adults at risk and children and to report any abuse discovered, disclosed, or suspected.  

The Church recognises its responsibility to implement, maintain and regularly review procedures, which are designed to prevent and to be alert to such abuse.  

The Church is committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with adults at risk and children, and to providing appropriate supervision. 

The Church is committed to maintaining good links with the statutory child care and community or social care authorities. 

Any groups or organisations who work with adults at risk or children and who wish to hire/use the Church premises must have their own Child & Adult at risk Protection Policy in place and/or undertake to follow the Home Office code of practice Safe from Harm for children.                       

Download our 'Safeguarding Full Guidelines' document by clicking here. Please note that this document is currently being updated as at Feb 2024