1st Sleaford Girls' Brigade

The 1st Sleaford Girl's Brigade Company is an active part of the life of Riverside. In addition to the weekly Brigade meetings, they form part of our joint Brigades Band.

We aim to helping girls and women explore and engage with real life and Christian faith in fun, informative and hopeful ways.

There are four sections within our Girls Brigade:

Explorers for girls aged 5 to 8yrs
Juniors for ages 8 to 11
Seniors for ages 11 to 14
Brigadiers for ages 14 and over

Since 2003, we have been to Kenya as part of an exchange that we have initiated. We had hoped that it would result in a party of Kenyan Brigades' members coming to Sleaford but for two years running, and after incurring significant expense in applying, they were refused visas to enter the UK.

The Girls' Brigade forms part of the Brigade Band. For more information contact the Girls Brigade Captain at the church or visit the Girls' Brigade web site.

We also have a Boys Brigade.