We don't know what, if any, background you have with churches.  We might just be a little different from what you've known in the past.  We are an evangelical Christian Church, with a lively worship style.  Our members have come from a variety of church backgrounds and from none - all are welcome, whether you you are a Christian now, or you just want to come and visit us to find out a little more about God.

Riverside is on the main shopping street in Sleaford, called Southgate, and (no surprises!) we are next to the river.  If you want to know where to find us, click on 'Finding us' under the 'About us' menu option.

A short history

Riverside church can trace its origin in Sleaford back to 1776 when a group of Sleafordians who wanted to worship God without the constraints of the prayer book met together in Hen Lane.  Some years later they constructed their first building in Hen Lane which was in the area of modern Jermyn Street.

The current building was completed in 1867 by which time the church was known as Sleaford Independent Church. It was fitted with an early Holdich pipe organ that remains today, although it is not normally used on Sunday mornings..

The church later became known as Sleaford Congregational Church, in 1972 it became Sleaford United Reformed Church and in 2008 Riverside Church.

At the turn of the millennium we began extensive changes to the frontage of our buildings - The new rooms at the front were completed in 2007. The interior of the building has also been modernised to bring it up to date and make it more available to the community as a whole.

In 2008 the United Reformed Church in Sleaford amalgamated with Sleaford Community Church to form the Church who now worship here under the name of Riverside Church.  

We try to show the love of God in action by the activities carried out in this building ranging from the drop in café for all members of the community to activities for mothers and young children, children and young people (Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade).  We also cater for those who like gentle exercise with Short Mat Bowls and other activities.

We hire out rooms to groups and businesses who want a modern first class modern meeting venue.

Groups who have used, or are using, the premises on a regular basis include: WI Country Market, Surestart, and various meetings of Lincolnshire PCT and County Council. The building has also hosted a number of exhibitions and conferences.

If you want more information about either the buildings or the church that meet here on Sunday please contact the The Centre coordinator who can be found here during working hours most days, or via our "contact us" page.